Science Communication

Jennifer is on stage giving a presentation, facing the audience in a large auditorium

Links to Talks

Effects of interictal epileptiform discharges on electrocorticography-derived functional networks. I gave this talk virtually at the BRAIN Initiative investigators meeting, in the Petascale and Exascale Connectomics symposium.

Resources for anyone (and everyone) to help make their science more open. I spoke at the Penn Libraries' #openscience week about resources for open science.

Network Models of Brain Structure, Function, and Control. This talk was given at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping in Rome (2019), at the data science in neuroscience symposium.

I have also given talks at BRAIN Investigators meeting 2020, WiDS 2020, NetSci 2018, SfN 2018, AES 2018, and the Penn Topology in Biology Symposium 2018.

Women in Neuroscience Repository profile.


Previous Co-director for Penn outreach organization GLIA.

Review of social neuroscience literature for kids: How do we understand other people? Frontiers for Young Minds, (2016).

Blog post summarizing a paper from Nicole Rust's lab on how you find what you're looking for, or technically, signals in inferotemporal and perirhinal cortex suggest an untangling of visual target information.


A Nature feature on citation justice, featuring tools I've contributed too

Penn's press release about my first project modeling direct electrical brian stimulation.

I developed content and taught for this Pyhthon Bootcamp

at Penn.